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Our Partners

In partnership with Polycom, we are also a leading provider of solutions for Southern Africa. Using Polycom telepresence, video, and voice solutions and services, people connect and collaborate from their desktops, meeting rooms, class rooms, and mobile settings. Organizations from a wide variety of industries and the private sector work with Polycom standards-based solutions to gain a fast return on their investment as their teams easily collaborate “face to face” wherever they are, to cut the time, cost, and carbon emissions associated with gathering the right people in one place to solve problems as well as to apply saved resources, time, and energy to primary business and organizational challenges. In today’s economy, Polycom makes good business sense.

Wavetec is a multinational technology company which is driven by innovation and customer care. Over the years, Wavetec has established two main business units that continues to drive its growth, each with an independent R&D, Software Development and Manufacturing Teams.


In partnership with Wavetec, we take the customer experience at service areas and retail stores a step into the future. We help businesses like yours to organize, manage and measure customer flow with its complete range of customer experience solutions. Information is key for timely decision making therefore all our solutions are equipped with centralized and real-time reporting mechanisms.

Multisuns was started in 1985 originally acting as a telecom equipment developer and provider. Since the early 1990’s the company has changed to aim at the product line of voice logging, teleconferencing and voice processingfor fulfilling the needs from businesses and governments worldwide. For the last decade the company has grown from a local developer and provider into an international brand.

Founded in 2007, PeopleLink has emerged as India’s first ISO 9001-2008 certified Video Conference Company. It has marked an exponential growth Y-o-Y from the past 5 years. A pioneer of modern video technology, PeopleLink, after accomplishing its pan India coverage is now expanding its Global operations. Its range of offerings includes next generation Video technology and Audio Video peripherals across a wide range of focused industry verticals. PeopleLink offers the most robust customer / partner service in the Industry today. The company focuses on its growth strategy by having a strong and agile partner network to connect with the potential users globally.

Impero’s feet have barely touched the ground since its formation back in 2002, and today the company boasts an impressive product portfolio and global customer base. There’s always loads going on at Impero HQ and no two days are ever the same. From product launches to exhibitions, from new clients on board to new markets to be explored, it’s all go, with no plans to slow down anytime soon. Click on the links below to find out more about what’s going on.